Monday, June 06, 2016

Good news continues

Things continue to go well.  I've recently switched coaches to Susan Kitchen, who is a certified Triathlon coach and also a Registered Dietitian and a slew of other certifications and licenses.  She has a few other athletes she works with who have diabetes and since I was having a problem with cramps I decided to work with her in hopes to really make some gains and finally figure out the nutrition part of this triathlon thing!

So far, I am making good gains, cramps are going away almost gone but not completely.  I'm really pleased so far.  Susan, like bricks for workouts, which is new for me but I am hoping that helps program my body that doing multiple events is normal.

My sugars continue to be good, I have noticed though that they get pretty low right before bed time.  Low for me, usually around 80 right before bed.  Continuing to experiment with the proper nutrition there.  I'll keep you updated!  Thought you may enjoy the pic of my 2 hour stationary bike ride while I was on the road this past week.

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