Monday, January 05, 2015

Training Season

Well the training season is upon us and I decided to run a 5.5k (yes, 5.5) to both ring in the new year and the new training season. Jones Racing Company puts on a wonderful event, I done a couple of them. The wife and I decided to change up our normal routine of running the Commitment Day run on Jan 1st in Charlotte and switched it toThe Running of the Lights in Tanglewood Park. 

What an event!  So much to do and such a beautiful run through the lights. The race begins promptly at 12:00am on Jan 1st and you ring in the new year running the course. The run was great although I quickly realized I have quite a bit to work on. Running has always been my weak sport, always!  You also can't beat warm hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup at the end, awesome!

All in all the event was great and you can't beat spending time with the Misses and exercising at the same time. 

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