Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My Favorite, the pool

Far and away my favorite triathlon activity is swimming. From what I have seen and heard its quite the opposite from what others feel. (BTW, my least favorite is running). I have already gotten into the pool twice this short training season after a 3.5 month break. I am excited about the results so far. I am already swimming at a comfortable pace and it turns out it is about 15 seconds faster than my 100 split last year.

I did decide to purchase some fins from TYR and some paddles. They have made all the difference and I can really tell when my form is poor. I love using them for a few laps and then switching to nothing to see how I need to correct things.

 In addition, I also got the Garmin 920FX and I love it (from Clever Training after the through review from DC Rainmaker). I mean I love technology as is, but this thing is awesome. On my swim I used the watch and it was awesome to see and analyze my time in the pool. I'm not sure what "good" is but I look forward to finding out which stroke counts are considered acceptable and getting better every day. It could be the excitement but I am swimming farther than last year too. If you follow the blog you know I had a few mishaps last year that led me to only doing 2 sprint triathlons. Both swims were like 250 yards. In my two swim sessions so far I have gone in excess of 1000 yards. I love being in the pool and it also does wonders for my blood sugar!

 Till next time, Jonathan

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