Sunday, April 24, 2016

Triathlon Season 2016

Triathlon season 2016 started and there's plenty to be thankful for. Allow me to list them out and then explain. 
1) Awesome family support
2) Ambassador for and Honey Stinger
3) Coach Keek
4) Continue to beat Diabetes

1) Awesome family support: I continue to be supported by a wonderful wife Angela and my two awesome daughters. They all allow me to train countless hours and support me every step of the way. I am grateful for their support and love seeing them out there cheering me on. 
2) Ambassador: probably the coolest thing this year is that I was selected to serve as an ambassador for Velocity Sportswear and Honey Stinger. It super cool as I was already enjoying my Velocity shirts and Honey Stinger products before I was selected so it was really cool to be an ambassador for products you already love. The Velocity gear is SUPER comfy and their artist is super talented. To boot, I am part of a cool family they put together. We call ourselves TriMafia and I feel like these folks are really kin folk as we encourage and support each other, super cool. 
3) Coach: I decided to splurge this year and get a coach. Mainly because years one and two I was "winging" it the whole way. She's really helped keep me accountable and I've made some pretty awesome gains with her. I placed in my first every tri and set a two PRs this year in 5ks. Broke my record twice already!
4) Diabetes: as most of you know I have type 2 diabetes and it's one of two main reasons I got into this sport. I continue to beat it and my last A1C reading, March 2016, was 6.1. I'm doing well and really want to continue to beat this disease. It WILL NOT BEAT ME. 

Below is a pic after I placed on my first triathlon this year. 

The next picture is the PR I broke in a 5k this year coming in sub 30 minutes, I'm a slow runner but getting better. 

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